Sunday, 9 October 2011

What do you think?...

Evening all...

How are you all? Good weekend?

I've been feeling rather strange this weekend - I don't seem to have any motivation.  I have struggled all weekend to come up with any ideas- or I would but then they didn't look right.  So this weekend I have been mainly battling with myself.

One thing I have managed to do is finally come up with a logo and set up I am 100% happy with.  My amazing friend made me a beautiful logo not so long ago but there was just something that didn't feel right.  I know I was a complete nightmare to work with especially when I didn't know really what I wanted.  But whilst sitting sketching the other night I had a vision and I knew exactly what I had to do - and there you have it. I promise I will not be changing anytime soon!

So as promised on Friday I said I had something non cardy to share with you.  If you remember I shared all the components a few weeks ago and I have finally sat down to make them.  

I am so happy with these, I think they are so cute! I have no idea how i'm going to package them yet- thats my next task.

I can't wait to get them on the website, I think they'll make great gifts.  But the big question is what do you think?

I would love to read your comments.

Right well i'm off to bed, hopefully I will find some motivation from somewhere, I hope so as my Papertrey Ink parcel will be here tomorrow.  YESSSS!!

Take Care

Kate xx


  1. They are fab! Really effective. Are they hard to do?

  2. They look really sweet, they would look good on a piece of card (with your logo) put a couple of slits in the card and clip them on.

    Jan x