Tuesday, 31 January 2012

**Card Number Nine - yuk!**


Wow, I can't believe its been nearly ten days since I started my little challenge, and I have to admit I'm really pleased that I've received quite a few lovely comments, so thank you!

As I explained yesterday I really don't like the card I'm sharing with you tonight, I'm so reluctant to share it but a challenge is a challenge so I'm doing it...

Here go's..

So I used the circle tag die again and cut out from kraft card, and the cut a slightly smaller white circle.  I inked up the smaller thank you in lagoon blue and started stamping.  I sort of wanted to create more of like a background stamp, but I'm not sure how well this worked out.  I was lacking inspiration after this and decided to use the smaller banners that I had used on my first card (waste not, want not) to create a bed for the tag.  And the rest as they say is history!

Ok, honest opinions, I can take it!

I feel sort of sad that tomorrow is my last card post in this challenge - *sob sob*, but don't panic I'm giving you all until friday to comment and be in with a chance of winning a lovely prize from Paper and String.

Until tomorrow.


Monday, 30 January 2012

**Can't believe its already time for card number eight!!**


Can't believe I'm getting close to the end of my ten cards, it seems to have flown by!

And without further a due lets get on with card number eight!

I still can't up my mind if I like this one, I like the concept and the simplicity but not sure on it as a whole. My thought was that I needed some cards that were slightly manly.  Also so this was one of my last designs and I was struggling a bit.  I used the border from the Tag it stamp set and carried on the colour scheme with co ordinating inks.  I then finished it off with the smaller "thank you".

What do you think?

I will warn you... tomorrows card is my least favourite, to be honest I really don't want to blog it but it was my challenge and I have to share all of them.  You have been warned, I hope it doesn't stop you all from reading!

Until tomorrow!

Good Night


Sunday, 29 January 2012

**Card Number 6 and 7**

Evening all...

Wow what a busy weekend!  I worked until 5 yesterday and then we were supposed to go out for dinner but I was just too tired so we stayed in, got a takeaway and watched some films, it was just what I needed after a non stop week!

Today - has been a bit of a disaster, I'm making the wedding invitations for my Uncles' wedding and they were coming over today to see the finished mock invitation.  I had run out of the card and had to wait for that to arrive all this week and then this morning when I went to print, the printer decided it wanted to blow up! After a quick browse of the internet to find the best possible one, we had to race to Cambridge to buy a new one, set it up and print the relevant pages of before they came to view them! Phew - I'm knackered all over again just typing that!

This afternoon has been a bit more relaxed, I've made enough Shepherds Pie to feed a small army, walked and bathed the dog and I've just got back from seeing the in laws and having a yummy dinner with best friends!

So as you noticed I didn't blog yesterday as... well you just read why, so I shall be sharing two cards with you today!!

Here's the first one...

I like this card, it makes me smile, I think its the colour! I used In Bloom - Harvest Gold and simple kraft card which I used the doily lace punch on.  I then used the large "thank you" stamp and finished it off with some bakers twine and a lovely sunny button!

My other card for tonight is this one...

I think this is my favourite! Again I used the large "thank you" stamp on white card and scattered some little flowers around the sentiment - in the gorgeous Lagoon Blue and used rhinestones on some of the flower centres.  I did think about using some ribbon but I liked it just the way it is!

What do you think?  Remember to leave me a comment- I do love reading them.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Take Care



Thursday, 26 January 2012

**Ten Things - Ten Cards, Day Four **

Evening all, I hope you've all had a good day!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday, this is never good, but it actually turned out to be an OK day!

I hope you're enjoying my little challenge, and so far I haven't missed a day! Its going well.

So first off tonight I wanted to share with you the prize I am offering.  I have spoke before about my love for the paper and string website - www.paper-and-string.co.uk .  My original thought was to offer the lucky winner a gift voucher to spend on this lovely website but unfortunately they are not available.  After trawling through all of Sarah's amazing creations I settled on a prize.

The lucky winner of my blog challenge will win a felt and fabric box of there choice.  These boxes are  bright and colourful and great for lots of different uses, whether your a crafter or not.

So...on we go with card number 4!

With this card, I used a simple A6 card base and Aqua Mist cardstock.  I cut out a circle in the centre and stamped a thank you sentiment in the middle.  I originally left the cardstock plain but after adding the rhinestones, twine and a co ordinating button I still felt something was missing.  I took the circle stamp from the Tag it set and inked it with watermark ink.  This isn't one of my favourites but i'm happy I started to think outside of the box with this one.

So enough from me, what do you guys think?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is leave a comment on any of the cards from this challenge and I will announce the winner next week.

That's all from me tonight, see you tomorrow for card number 6.

Take Care


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

**Ten Things - Ten Cards, Day 3**


Its Wednesday, which means it's mid - week! YAY!
It also means we're on to Day 3 of my ten day challenge.

I want to jump straight into some pictures of todays card.

(just noticing some rather un-slightly sockets, I'll have to work on these for next time!)

Today's card was made using the circle tag die, which I have to confess I have never used before, but I love it, definitely not going to bury this one again.  I think in my head I really wanted to create really simple, clean cards and I have to admit I rather like this one.  I used a 6x6 white card base and added spring moss to it to create the background!  I then die cut the tag with kraft card and a slightly smaller circle from white cardstock.  I stamped the sentiment and then added a cluster of yellowe flowers and added a few rhinestones for a bit of sparkle. (the photos don't really show the flowers - so heres a link if you want a closer look - click here)

I attached the tag to the card by wrapping button twine round the card and tying a bow! And thats it!

What do you think?

Don't forget to leave a comment on any card to be in with a chance to win!

Come back tomorrow for card 4!

Take Care


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

**Ten Things - Ten Cards, Day 2**

Hello Everyone.

Hope you've all had a good day.

Right lets do this...Are you ready for Day 2?

This card was one of the only ones I stitched on - I wanted to try and break away from the norm!  It was made using the Flower Fusion 5 stamp and die set.  I carried on the colour scheme by stamping the flower in canary yellow and using a button to act as the centre.  I considered using the stamp stem but I wanted to work as many of the ten things into each card so used mini ric rac for the stem and saddlestitch grosgrain for the leaves.  The only thing left to do was to stamp a sentiment - which I did using the mini thank you and simple black ink.

What do you think?

Clean and Simple and easy to produce in lots of different colours and combinations.

Remember to leave your comments to be in with a chance of winning - prize details coming shortly.

Check back tomorrow for card number 3!

Take Care



Monday, 23 January 2012

** Part One - Ten Things, Ten Cards**

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope everyone has had an ok day!

Right enough small talk i'm too excited!

As I mentioned yesterday I've come up with an idea, it might be a success it might not be!

I have set myself a little challenge...basically I wanted something fun to do to get me back in the swing of card making after my lull after Christmas.

So here it is... I have picked ten things out of craft corner and challenged myself to make ten cards using just these products. I have allowed myself the basics such as card bases, kraft card, glue, tools but the rest is limited.  Let me show you what I have to work with, as well as limited supplies I also set myself a colour scheme - I'm still not convinced this was a good idea. (apologises for the bad photos, it was awfully dark here yesterday)

Ok so here we have it:

  1. Cardstock - Ocean Tide, Harvest Gold, Spring Moss and Aqua Mist.
  2. Paper Stack - In Bloom 
  3. Martha Stewart Doily Lace Punch from The Glitter Pot
  4. A selection of buttons and rhinestones
  5. Circle Tag Die number 4 
  6. Thank you stamp - one small one large
  7. Tag its number 5
  8. Flower Fusion Stamps number 5
  9. Ribbon and Twine from Ribbon Girl
  10. Banner Die
(all items Papertrey Ink- unless otherwise stated)
Over the next 10 days I will be sharing with you ten different cards I have made using this selection! I have to admit some I like, some I love and some I am not so keen on but thats why I wanted to do this, stretch my creative imagination.

Ok so now the formalities are out of the way, lets get straight on to the first card.

Card Number 1 - A Banner Thank you

I made this card by cutting banners using two shades of the cardstock and two colours of the In Bloom paper.  Keeping the card simple I used a plain white card base and added the banners in a stacking formation - cutting off any excess of the end.  I made sure I left a small gap in between each one so that when I stamped the large sentiment it wasn't all on a block of colour.  I did consider adding some ribbon or twine but I didn't want to overload it.

So there we have it - 1 of 10.

What do you think?

I will be picking a random winner at the end of the ten days - anyone that leaves me a comment will be in with a chance.  Prize picture to come shortly!

Thats it from me tonight - Take Care!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

**A Big Thank you...**

Evening all...

How has everybody's weekend been?

I've been quite productive today - after finally feeling more human.  I thought it was about time I started making up for lost time.

I sorted out my car insurance and arranged a sky upgrade and still had time to walk the pup and create a new project that i'll be sharing with you over the next few days.

So tonight I wanted to share with you something I'm kinda thrilled with, I think its some of my best work - so lets see what you think.  Enough of the teasing, tonights post is about these beauties...

Im so chuffed!

I am lucky enough to have been given lots of beautiful presents for both Christmas and Birthday and obviously I want to thank everyone.  The way I normally go about it is to make bulk cards.  I seem to get a little bit of a production line going, I start singing songs and get them done in no time! These were the perfect design to create in bulk.  I used Aqua Mist and Melon Berry cardstock from Papertrey - I have completely fallen in love with these colours (the photograph doesn't do them justice!) I then stamped Mendhi Medallion into both corners using my favourite VersaInk Watermark ink pad.  For a change I rounded the corners of the cardstock and stamped the sentiment in black ink.  To start with I was just going to use "thank you" from Think it Big 2 but then discovered "merci" from Think it Big 3 and I couldn't resist using it! Of course then I finished it off with some black and white bakers twine.  Instead of stitching I used foam pads to add some dimension!

What do you think?

I would love to read your comments! Good or bad are always welcome.

Right so just before I go I wanted to fill you in on whats happening this week on here.  I have set myself a little challenge! I'm quite excited to show you the results! Check back here tomorrow to find out all about it.

Take Care


Thursday, 19 January 2012

**What do we have here?**

Good Afternoon

I write this from my sick bed...I have slept all day and have decided to stretch my legs a little and write this to you.

So how has everyones week been?  Is it really Thursday already? January really is flying.  Although it definitely feels very wintery at the moment- I've been so glad we have a real log fire this week, especially with me being under the weather.

So i've spent my days sleeping and dosing myself up with painkillers and trying to make myself feel more human, no luck so far.  Its given me a lot of time to search the internet and I've had a lovely look through some truly beautiful blogs and designs.  Its given me some great inspiration for up coming designs - I've had to start sketching them all down before they are lost in the abyss of my mind. But for now let me reveal my latest teaser...

So here it is- my card for today!

Ok where to start- so the brief, obviously an 8th Birthday -for one of my cousins. I  thought there was nothing better than something pink and girly.  I used the wonderful Alpha Block stamp set  by Papertrey (of course, who else) I dug out out all my gorgeously girly pinks and alternated the shades.  I decided instead of a ordinary white card base I would use my good old trusty friend kraft card and use them with bright pink polka dot paper to tie in with everything else.  Of course no card would be complete with some bakers twine and mini rik rac ( I just can't get enough of this stuff its too cute!)

What do you think?

Right, thats it- I'm going back to bed...i'll be back soon, but for now...

What could it be?  You'll find out soon!

Take Care


Sunday, 15 January 2012

**Butterfly Birthday Wishes**

Evening all...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Today I am mostly recovering from my extended birthday celebrations - so I apologise for the short post tonight!

So as I said in my last post - I received a lot of birthday cards - (which is always nice) that had butterflies on, people know me too well, and it got me thinking! I dug out one of my favourite Papertrey Ink stamp sets - Butterfly Dreams and created this card.

 I used a pale purple card background for a change to co ordinate with the shades of purple ink I used. I love the thought of a swarm of butterflies fluttering about on a nice summers day! I finished it off with a simple sentiment and a touch of bakers twine! Voila!

What do you think?

Sorry for the short post tonight - I promise I shall be back on top form next week! But for now...a little teaser!

Take Care


Friday, 13 January 2012

**Birthday Cheer!**

Morning all...hope you are all well!

Well its Friday! Yay!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and I although I was at work I was thoroughly spoilt.  When I arrived a there was a big pile of cards and presents waiting for me on my desk, and then at lunch time Adam surprised me with a delivery of the most beautiful flowers. Maybe spoilt was an understatement!  I spent the evening scoffing pizza and guzzling wine with friends - it was the perfect end to a great day! And it also means that now I can look forward to continued celebrations tomorrow evening with my "Animal Print" themed birthday party!
My flowers - beautiful right?

Ok so enough about me! I wanted to share with you the card that i've been teasing you with all week! *Drum roll please....*

I made this card for Chloe - my best friend.  She had to move to Winchester over Christmas and New Year as her Fiance, Tom had to move depots and she has already found herself a job!  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to send her a card and kill two birds with one stone!  As I said in my previous post one of my many new years resolutions was to experiment with inking and thats exactly what I did with this card.  I gathered all my bluey- teal inks and just dabbed away! Gradually getting darker towards the outside of the circles and I have to admit i'm chuffed with the outcome! I finished it off with the "Congrats" sentiment from Papertrey Ink's - Say it with Style and few colour coordinated adhesive gems!  I can't wait to read her text when she receives it!

So thats about it from me today! But again I want to leave you with a little teaser for my next post! After receiving so many beautiful birthday cards it gave me some inspiration!

Can you guess what it is yet? 
Thank you for reading! Until next time...

Take Care

Kate xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

**Cutting it fine...**

Evening all... (cutting it a bit fine for my second post this week - I know!)

How has everybody's weekend been?

I have had quite a nice day today.  I have dusted off my craft corner and set to work creating some cards for upcoming Birthdays this month as well as a congratulation card and I have also made a start on my thank you cards! Phew - I really have been a busy day. All that, and I've found time to walk the dog and cook a roast.

So for tonights post I wanted to share with you a card I have created for my Grandads Birthday. As many of you may know I really do seem to struggle creating male cards that I'm happy with but this one I love. I even got praise from the boyfriend and my dad!

As its a new year I wanted to try and work on my stamping skills - it's alright stamping single colours but I wanted push myself that little bit further.

I used a series of Versacolour inks and Papertrey Ink's Up, Up and Away.  Simple but perfect for Grandad!

What do you think?

Thats it for me tonight - hope you enjoyed reading.  Before I go I wanted to leave you with a little teaser for my next post!

Take Care



Monday, 2 January 2012

**Happy New Year**


And a Happy New Year to all my readers - those that haven't neglected me like I have them!

I have no idea where November and December went - time just flew. In between making Christmas card orders for other people and then ones for myself I found I had no time to make a card just because.  After a nice, relaxing break from everything (crafting included) I am back in 2012 and ready to go.  I have already started filling up my Papertrey Ink basket and have been browsing Hero Arts new releases and getting lots of inspiration for the coming months.

I have told myself that one of my New Year's resolutions will be to blog at least twice a week! Obviously I can do more but I wanted to set myself with an achievable target!

So here we go...its Monday and it's my first blog of the week and of the new year!om

The Card:- My cousin's 21st Birthday
The Brief:- Something modern and bold.
Supplies:- Kraft card - papertrey ink, Purple and Peacock paper - Echo Park, Mauve Bakers twine - Ribbon Girl, Stick on Gems - Papermania.

I have a slight addiction to anything peacock related - I love the bright colours and the simplicity of this paper, it stood out so much that I couldn't resist buying it.  As you can see from the bottom picture I attached the die cut numbers (die by Papertrey Ink) using foam mounting pads to make them stand out more.

With using such a simple template I can use it again for other cards and occasions!

That's all from me today - need to prepare myself for back to work tomorrow, somehow I'm not sure I will be welcoming the 6 o'clock alarm in the morning.

Thank you very much for all your support and comments throughout the last few months, I hope that 2012 will be a creative one!

Thanks for reading. Take Care.