Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Number 1 fan

Good Morning Everyone!

Its day three and I have to admit I’m rather enjoying this blog malarkey! The post I was planning to write for today is going to have to wait until tomorrow- I didn’t actually get round to taking pictures last night- sorry, but do check back because its exciting – well I think it is anyway!!

So after not having any photos for today, I was trying to rack my brain on what I could do. After turning to my best friend for help she suggested I blogged about a card I made her recently.

We have the kind of relationship can only be described as close.  I met her just over 2 years ago when she started working with me.  We didn’t hit it off straight away- in fact I don’t think I spoke to her for the first couple of months.  It was over a girly lunch that we got talking and automatically clicked and we’ve inseparable ever since.  We both love shopping and would spend pretty much every lunch our mooching round the shops and more often than not purchasing something.  About a year ago she moved away with her boyfriend to Sunderland and I don’t get to see her much but we email or text everyday.  We still shop at lunch time but separately- we are very good at spotting things the other would like and I’m always sending and receiving parcels containing the line “I saw this and thought of you!”

She knows how much I love crafting and being creative.  She is the one that praises everything I make, but will tell me honestly if something is no good.   It was after I got overly excited about buying a sewing machine I received a parcel.  She had been mooching about and found a Cath Kidston sewing book and had thought of me! I was over the moon! So of course I sat down and made her a card!!

Pink Petticoat had just released this image and thought it was perfect, and the sentiment was very fitting!!

So I stitched around the edge of the kraft card (I have an obsession with kraft card) to attach it and did some crazy stitching on the image just to experiment, shaded in the flowers with some promarkers and used a button and big gem to finish it off! A simple but fitting card.

She loved it. I wonder sometimes if she sends me things just so I send her a Thank you card!!

Anyway that’s all today- not a very craft related post, but I wanted to mention my number 1 fan!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Check back tomorrow for something exciting!!
Kate xx


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  2. I've finally found out how to make a comment Yay me! Ignore him, he obviously doesn't know what he is on about, this has become my daily read for the past 3 days and I hope for many more to come! I'm loving the blog especially today's! I'm very proud of you. I love your cards, I love your jewellery, I love you!
    Keep being creative you’re absolutely brilliant at what you do!
    :) xxx