Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My First Post

Hello Blogland!

So this is my first post. I’m a bit new to all of this! I have been following blogs of some of my favourite inspiration for some time now, but I have just decided to take the plunge myself.  After taking a break from the jewellery side of things for about a year, I was asked to make some wedding jewellery for my friends’ special day earlier this month. I sat down and my usual spot and was worried that the creative juices wouldn’t come to me… but they did! I was flooded with ideas and new projects that I want to try. 

My boyfriend has often said that I wouldn’t have much to say on a blog, or that no one would be interested but I am determined to prove him wrong.

I don’t just make jewellery. I love playing with paper and stamps. You will often find me under a mountain of ribbon and buttons at the weekend. I am not completely happy unless I have some sort of craft to play with or ideas swilling around in my head.

So seeing as this is my first post I thought I better have something to show everyone.

I asked to make two new baby cards recently for my best friend. One for a girl and one for a boy! I had recently placed a massive order from Papertrey Ink so jumped at the chance of using some of them.

She had given me a picture to use on the baby girls card, I did find it hard to concentrate, especially with such a cute little face staring back at me.

Anyways theses were the end results.


What do you think?

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some more designs with you. Until then, thank you for reading.

Kate xx


  1. Don't listen to him - he hasn't found the craft part of Blogland so has no idea how interesting we all are! Lovely cards..nice blog - fab start!

  2. Blog is looking great, love the birdie background :)