Thursday, 22 March 2012

Less Is More - Masking Challenge!

Morning all...

Hope you are all well!

When it comes to crafting I am always up for a challenge, and this weeks Less Is More blog challenge definitely tested all my creative brain cells.

For our theme this week, we have a technique which was pre-empted by many of you last week, we would like to see some evidence of
but we still need to see white space and a clean and simple design.

MASKING? I mean I'd heard of it but never attempted it and now I know why! I think I must of had at least a dozen attempts!  I had so many ideas flowing through my head but everything I tried...ended up in the bin!

I'd almost given up, but then I woke up with one of my 3am thoughts and this morning I gave it one more go! Now before I show you the pictures, I know its not perfect but after all my attempts I'm entering it anyway!

So here goes!

I love this PTI set - although I've only used it once before, perfect for a little "note" card though!

I have a day off today and I am planning to get to work on my ever growing to do list!

Also wanted to just mention the lovely comments people have been leaving me - they mean so much! Thank you!

Take Care



  1. What a clever card - love the aperture you've used to mask the music, and the play on words of the sentiment.

  2. What a super design!
    After all your attempts this is superb and just right for the sentiment.
    Mandi would tell you that I spot things to do with music at 50 paces... I have spotted here that you used your stamp the right way up at the bottom of this circle and upside down at the top!
    If you stamp onto scrap and for this particular stamp, look for the notes which have dots beside them... the dots are always to the right hand side of the notes.
    Also with any notes which have flicks on the end of their 'sticks', the flicks are also to the right of the stick... I thought this might help for future reference!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

    1. I should know this - being musical myself!

      I blame it on being so excited to have an idea that might just work!!! Thanks though, i will remember for next time :) x

  3. Looks great to me. I wouldn't have noticed the upside down score.

  4. Looks lovely, very nice! Well done you xxx

  5. A great idean, wouldn't have noticed the notes issue either. I have a similar stamp and I will for sure try this out.

  6. looks great and I would never have "noted" the notes issue. ;-)

  7. I love it. It is so simple that you can't miss the comedy bit. Looks perfect to me. And what is 'perfect' anyway. Any deviation noticable or otherwise adds too it

  8. Super card Kate, great idea
    I must be learning something from Chrissie, cos i actually spotted some of the music was upside down too HOWEVER, doubt anyone would notice that received your delightful card
    Thank you so much
    "Less is More"

  9. Great idea for the masking challenge. This one had me stumped so had to pass this week. Enjoy your weekend! :)xx

  10. Brilliant CAS card and great masking too...... upside down manuscript, I've been there too :0)
    Jenny x

  11. I love this!!! I was going to get this set... then removed it from the cart. Then put it in and then removed it again. I think I should get this now ^_^

  12. I love the sentiment to go with the music notes - super idea and a fab CAS card!
    Sarah x

  13. That's a great sentiment to use with the music image Kate! (I'm always getting things upside down and back to front... I call it artistic licence!) Vicky x