Thursday, 2 February 2012

**Last but not least...**


Has everyone had a good day? Thank god its Friday tomorrow hey!

I can't believe I'm sharing my last card with you tonight, the 10 days (ok, 12) has flown by, but its been such fun.

Let's get on with it then, card number ten!

I used the flower fusion stamp set and stamped four flowers, two yellow and two teal with co ordinationg centres.  I cut a strip of spring moss cardstock and punched the doily lace border to create "grass".  I used my sewing machine to create the stems and off cuts of ribbon to make the leaves! I really like the flowers, they're so cute! But the most important thing, is what do you think?

The competition will end on Sunday and a winner will be picked at random from all your lovely comments!

I shall be back in a few days with some lovely valentines!
Until then, Take Care.



  1. I love the flowers, the leaves are brilliant. Again I really live the colours. You have done really well over then 10 days. :) xx

  2. Definately my fave! Always good to challenge yourself, you're such a creative butterfly :) Hope you're ok lovely and keeping warm, loves xxx

  3. wow love these x